Effectiveness is what we are all about and Radical Rutt lures will change your hunting  experience. Take the opportunity to hear from other hunters and read their stories when using our products. Also, feel free to share your own experience using our lures!!

In November the 2015 season I did my usual routine of making mock scrapes
using Radical Rutt Doe-In-Heat  After making a scrapes one afternoon I decided to hunt over it the following day. After spending 25 minutes in the stand a small 8 point came into the scrape and marked it. Immediately following the 8 point another buck came into the scrape and marked his spot also! I immediately grunted and the buck came directly to my stand and offered me a 20 yard broadside shot. The buck scores 140 5/8". Another trophy for the wall thanks to Radical Rutt Lures!!!

Denny Shoemaker    RRL Prostaff 9 Years


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I want to pass along our experience with your lures. I have used deer lures in the past without much proof that they worked.
My son, Adam, came up to camp the following day and I prepared a drag line and put some "Doe in Heat" lure on it and had him walk down to his stand about 9 AM. He chose to walk around a tree about 20 yards in front of his stand before placing the drag rope on the ground. Unfortunately, no deer came in on the morning hunt. After we returned Adam decided to hunt from another location about 75 yards away. You can guess what happened next. About 3PM a nice buck followed the trail and then walked around the tree and stood broadside to the now vacant tree stand. We didn't get a deer that evening. But it did prove that your scents work.
We'll be back again next year and we will have a supply of your scents with us. Thanks for an excellent product.