Radical Rutt lures have helped hunters score trophy after trophy, year after year.

We use uncut gland oils in our lures to assure that they are authentic.

Jason Michaels with one of his prize trophies.  Pro Staff 19 Years

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Radical Rutt Lures is a specialty company that provides deer lures to the hunter and to the mom and pop sporting good stores which supplies deer lures and other hunting gear to the deer hunter.

We are committed to the independent stores that serve the hunter rather than the larger all inclusive sporting good stores.

Most of our lure blends go back as far as 1972. The developer of our lure product line has 30 years of experience in attracting bucks with his lures.

After years of disappointment with other products the original company PROCAIN was born. Trial and error in the mountains of Pennsylvania has transferred our blends into a well known and dependable line of deer lures that we have available.  We feel that the deer can smell the difference between a Radical Rutt lure and others that are much less effective.